Kobe Japanese Steakhouse located off the 405 fwy and Seal beach Blvd in Seal Beach, CA

100% Authentic Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef!

The Wagyu cattle that produce our highly prized "Kobe Beef" were originally introduced in Japan in the second century as work animals primarily used for rice cultivation. However, as beef became a more prominent food staple in society, Japanese farmers began hiring geishas to massage the backsides of the cattle. The layout of the Japanese islands then led to small patches of isolated breeding of these cattle.

These cattle also had a disctinctive feeding technique due to llimited land availability, and this factor combined with their isolated breeding yielded herds that developed meat qualities which significantly differed from all other breeds of cattle; superiority in both the marbling of their meat as well as the content of their healthier unsaturated fats.

Our 100% Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef is currently unrivaled by any other beef in the world - the marbling of the meat is so sublime that a "Prime" grading would simply not come close to doing it justice!

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