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Authentic Japanese Kobe Beef

Banned and Unbanned

When the US banned the importation of Japanese Kobe Beef, we, at the Kobe Steakhouse, were extremely dissappointed. And, as you can expect, our customers were even more upset. There wasn't much we could do about it, but many times we would receive the blame for this or be ridiculed for calling ourselves "Kobe Steakhouse" yet not offer Kobe Beef. It did get embarassing after a while because we couldn't go out and educate everyone about why we couldn't carry real Kobe Beef. Not one restaurant in the U.S. was able to offer 100% authentic Japanese Kobe Beef. No one had it!

The opportunity to provide our guests with "faux-be" Beef was presented, but when we had the chance to try it, the quality was absolutely terrible! We couldn't bring ourselves to sell that stuff, especially when so many of our customers already knew what authentic Japanese Kobe beef tastes like. Unfortunately, there were MANY restaurants who happily sold those sub-par American or Australian Kobe steaks to unknowing customers at ridiculous prices, passing it off as Japanese Kobe Beef. We knew this wasn't right.

So we waited... and waited... until we almost forgot what it was that gave us our name. Until one day in September 2013, when the USDA rewrote their policies on the importation of Japanese Kobe beef. The equisite beef was available again! But not entirely. We couldn't find anyone that was importing it! So a few more months passed until we finally found it, just in time for New Year's Eve.

Since then our Japanese Kobe Beef sales have grown consistently each month with people realizing that other "premium" steakhouses don't even come close to the quality of our 100% authentic Japanese Kobe Beef steaks. If you find another steakhouse offering Kobe beef on their menu, ask for their certificates. If they don't have them, don't buy the steak. We can guarantee you that that steak is not real Kobe beef. If you're ever in the mood to indulge in the best steak in Southern California, stop by Kobe Steakhouse & Lounge for an experience you will never forget.

Larry Olmsted wrote a several pieces for Forbes.com highlighting food scams, with a focus on Authentic Japanese Kobe Beef in America:
Further clarification on the ban of Japanese Kobe Beef from 2009-2013.
And here's the 2014 update to the Kobe Beef article above by the same reporter.

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